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G.A.P Planning is a coined title, if you will, for what I have developed as a three tiered approach to helping you in your planning.  It stands for Growth and Protection of Your Income and Assets.  It is part science and part art.  Each person’s financial goals and circumstances require common yet unique solutions to that person’s or family’s success. 

The first step is looking at your income needs.  Your income determines your lifestyle and that is goal number one–to maintain your lifestyle regardless of what unforseen events happen during your retirement years.  Life expectancies have increased and running out of money is a greater concern than ever. 

Secondly, when income is not the major concern, we look at your assets.  Sometimes, what you do with your earnings on your assets is much more important that how much you earn on your assets.  It is your assets that determine your legacy.  Therefore, the second goal is to grow your assets, utilize strateigies to maximize your legacy and to do so in a way that gives you control during your lifetime.  Most of our clients have short-term and long-term assets.  Our GAP strategy will teach you two additional kinds of assets.   

Finally, we want to help you eliminate any GAP  that may exist between–what you want to happen during your retirement years and what will happen.  Few achieve this, but our strategies can help you accomplish this important goal.  There is no need to feel that you cannot accomplish these goals and for most, it is not painful.

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