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Hoyt Financial Group is a family owned and operated independent financial services company. Founder and owner David Hoyt has over thirty-eight years in the financial services industry. He has spoken to groups across the country and has had over 3,000 financial planners, attorneys, accountants, and insurance professionals attend his two day workshop teaching them some of the same concepts he teaches his clients.

David Hoyt is considered by many an expert in helping solve the difficult task of helping individuals achieve their retirement income goals and their legacy goals for themselves, their families, and their favorite charities. These are some of the concepts that financial professionals from around the country have traveled to his workshops to learn. These strategies are available for his clients and prospective clients by simply contacting Mr. Hoyt from this web site.

Mr. Hoyt believes, “Your income determines your lifestyle whereas your assets determine your legacy. How to position assets to best provide you maximum income that you cannot outlive, how to assure that your lifetime income keeps up with the erosion caused by inflation and taxes, while protecting your assets for future generations, these are goals that can be accomplished with the correct strategies.”

David Hoyt, CLU, ChFC

David has been in the financial services since 1972. He earned his Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation in 1987 and his Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation in 1989 from the American College of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

He was founder of Hoyt Brokerage Company, a national marketing organization providing financial instruments to consumers through a network of financial planners, brokers and insurance agents. He is founder and owner of Hoyt Financial Group, specializing in serving its clients with strategies and financial instruments to help them grow and protect their incomes and assets.

David welcomes inquiries from anyone interested in learning about the safe-alternative strategies he teaches. He believes every retired person should have some of his/her money free from the worry associated with volatility of the stock markets. He believes that there are risks associated with retirement that must be mitigated, and that is his value to his clients.

He hosted the radio talk show, “Financial Facts with David Hoyt.” He is author of the book, “Life Lessons from Beyond.” He is a member of the Society of Financial Services Professionals, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and member of the Retirement Income Industry Association. David is also the co-author of the best-selling book Successonomics with Steve Forbes and will soon be featured on CNN, CNBC and Fox.

David is married to Sue and together they have three children and five grandchildren. Besides spending time with them, he and Sue enjoy traveling, hiking, fishing and golf.

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Garry Neumeyer

In January, Garry Neumeyer joined me as office manager of Hoyt Financial Group while we put in place Hoyt Wealth Management, LLC where Garry would become the compliance officer overseeing our investment management accounts.  For nearly two years of time and thousands of dollars in expenses, and, candidly, very little desire to expand into this service, I have decided to close that part of my business practice.  Consequently, I have eliminated the position, and Garry is too qualified to be challenged as an office manager only and neither did he want to do that only.

However, I have invited Garry to remain associated with Hoyt Financial Group as a strategic partner working in areas of his expertise.  Garry has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the entire financial services industry having served in multiple capacities with banks, investment companies, and accounting practices.   He will continue to provide tax preparation and consulting for clients as well as retirement income and Social Security analysis services.

Our specialty continues to be helping clients achieve their maximum retirement income for the assets they have, using various instruments and concepts I have discussed in my book, and have taught thousands of financial advisors around the country.

For a limited time, we are going to offer you a complimentary Social Security Analysis, a $495 value.  This detailed analysis will show you, based upon your financial circumstances, your goals, and your health what the optimum month and year for you to begin taking Social Security, your spouse’s optimum time to begin taking SS, and whether employing an “apply and suspend” strategy can provide you more income now and later.  It’s easy to understand, and we can help you make the right choice for you!  Most people do not realize the options they have, and few choose a strategy that provides them the most income for their circumstances.

Also, if you are about to retire, let us do an analysis on your pension choices so you can discover how you should receive your pension or 401(k).  We can show you whether you should take the income offered, take the cash settlement or a combination of the two.  Some pensions are subsidized and makes taking the income a “best in value” choice.  Not all.  Let us show you your options.

Call Garry at (317) 525-1604 or me at (317) 882-3676.

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Our Team of Professionals

No one person can answer all of your questions or solve all of your needs. That is why Hoyt Financial Group has associated itself with other important financial planning experts, independent professionals, consulting and collaborating in order to best serve its clients. Hoyt Financial group provides the personal service and accountability that you would want from a family owned business, yet with the resources of a large firm.

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3 stars of excellence

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