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Creating Lifetime Income

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How much can you safely withdraw from your portfolio and not expect to run out of money?  Is there a smarter strategy to guarantee that you don’t run out of money regardless of what happens to the markets in these uncertain times?   Your personal financial circumstances and goals determine which strategy for income is the right one for you, but we specialize in three strategies that have worked well for our clients.

It is a fact that we are living longer and healthier and running out of money has become an important consideration in retirement planning.  After all, if you are 62 years old, you are most likely going to live well into your 80’s.  A couple, each 62 years of age, has a joint life expectancy of 30 years.  A couple in their late 70’s may see one of them living past age 100.

Protection from running out of money is imperative.  And… most are not aware that you can create your own guaranteed… lifetime… never runs out… increasing each and every year…monthly paycheck!   What do the experts say?  How does their advice compare to our strategies.  For those answer in a free report on “How to create All of the Lifetime Income You Need,” click on “Contact” below and be sure to enter YOUR email address.

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